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 Atin - Intro

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PostSubject: Atin - Intro   Atin - Intro Icon_minitimeFri Apr 16, 2010 10:24 pm


I joined a while ago (last year) but I have not introduced myself. Previous to 666 I was an Officer in WOC. I did not leave WOC as such it just 'ceased to exist'. Devina spotted me lurking around one day and invited me to join. A few other kinnies had joined 666 (Burns, Griff [not any more]) so it seemed like (and was) a good idea. My main is an LM - Atinuviel (65). I also have a Mini called Avarwyn (65), a Cap called Arakorn (60) and my current bundle of fun is a Guard called Aulein (54) who I am trying to level up to 65 as fast as I can (easier than the rest though) - with the odd SH along the way.

I do about 90 mins three evenings a week (must be sociable and sit down with the wife [and wine] by 21:00, [I'm male by the way]) and try and do 3-4 hours over the weekend. This means that unless I time it right raids etc are difficult to fit in but I do want to gain more experience with these if I can.

Now a bit about me....... We live close to London and also have a place in the South of France that we try to visit as often as possible. I work in the 'most evil' profession by todays standards in the City (I work fairly long hours - up early) and my eldest is off to Uni later this year. My youngest is taking his first GCSE this Summer.

Now that I have put you all to sleep the only thing to say is ciao and see you in Middle Earth!

All the best,

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Atin - Intro
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