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 New Recruit Application

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PostSubject: New Recruit Application   New Recruit Application Icon_minitimeTue Jun 02, 2009 6:23 pm

Hello ^_^

Just writing a application to this kin, i hope ull have me Very Happy

My character is Elvana, a elven mini

Ive been in lots of kins before, but all have become inactive or not fun, cant remember the names of them, which shows how much i enjoyed them

id really like to enter a kin thats fun and active enough that itll never become quiet and theirs always people on

ATM im lvl 49, and this is my second mini, my first is lvl 60, but i enjoy the minstrel class so much that i want to start again.

Although im too low to help with raiding, i cant wait till im high enough to join groups with instances

i do consider myself a good healer, although i dont want to gloat Razz

I try to log on every day for a couple of hours, more at the week, cos i work weekend, and only go college to during the week, so have got a lot of time during the week

i hope you will have me, and cant wait to hear from you ^_^

Ohh, and ive read the codes of conduct of the kin and raids, so im up to date Very Happy


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New Recruit Application
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