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 Sparing Tips - Hunter vs Hunter

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Hunter vs Tank - who wins the fight?
1) Hunter
Sparing Tips - Hunter vs Hunter Vote_lcap50%Sparing Tips - Hunter vs Hunter Vote_rcap
 50% [ 1 ]
2) Telladan
Sparing Tips - Hunter vs Hunter Vote_lcap50%Sparing Tips - Hunter vs Hunter Vote_rcap
 50% [ 1 ]
3) I am a tank and dont understand the question!
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Total Votes : 2

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Sparing Tips - Hunter vs Hunter Empty
PostSubject: Sparing Tips - Hunter vs Hunter   Sparing Tips - Hunter vs Hunter Icon_minitimeWed Jun 25, 2008 1:42 pm


Define a starting distance
stance: strength
Needful Haste (1 sec before the time-counter ends)

1 Swift Bow
2 Penetrating Shot
3 Quick-Shot
4 Barbed Arrow
Variant 1:
5 continue DPS
6 Intent Concentration
7 penetrating/-merciful shot* directly when available!
Check both vitals if there is time for swift-bow again: should the fight be equal and both vitals are very low, dont use swift-bow - induction time is too long. You are dead before you can use this skill.

Variant 2: when the distance to the enemy is not so long, move to melee-fight (surprise). Maybe "Eldars Grace" is not equipped by your opponent.
5 Eldars Grace (for 10s you get a +75 Parry chance)
6 Blindside (2 attacks + focus increase)
7 Penetrating Shot / Merciful Shot*
8 mix of DPS/melee-attack!
Use agile rejoinder when available (parry attack, never misses the target) and swift-stroke (parry increase).
Always during the fight: Increase your focus with Blindside + Quick-Shot, then directly use Penetrating-/Merciful Shot again!

Variant 3: enemy is a noob and tries to use Heartseeker
5 DPS like crazy, including Intent Concentration + Merciful Shot!
>enemy is dead, cause you wounded him much more during the long induction time of heartseeker
>or you shortly DPS him and switches then to Variant 2 by avoiding the heartseeker-shot.

* when enemy falls under 50% of its health, you can (and should) use merciful shot directly!
This is only a suggestion. The fight belongs to your equipped traits, too. When you have focused on Rain-of-Arrows e.g., then use this skill more often of course.
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Sparing Tips - Hunter vs Hunter
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