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 Sparing Tips - Hunter vs other Class

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2 Tella
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PostSubject: Sparing Tips - Hunter vs other Class   Wed Jun 25, 2008 10:41 am

Hunter vs other class:

The aim is to shoot from the distance as long as possible, although our melee skills are often underestimated, especially from ourselves Smile
Unfortunately the skill "set trap" does not work! This is a big disadvantage for us. But ok, so other classes have a small chance to win... Razz

Define a starting distance
stance: strength
Needful Haste (1 sec before the time-counter ends)

1 Rain of Thorns (only trap-skill that works)*
2 Heartseeker
3 Swift Bow
4 Penetrating Shot / Merciful Shot*
5 Barbed Arrow
Variant 1: enemy is dead. Gratz, you are a true hunter: precise + deadly!
Variant 2: melee fight begins
6 Eldars Grace (for 10s you get a +75 Parry chance)
7 Intent Concentration
9 Blindside (2 attacks + focus increase)
10 Penetrating Shot / Merciful Shot*

>>use agile rejoinder when available (parry attack, never misses the target) and swift-stroke (parry increase)
>>other variant: slow targets movement speed with low-cut + Quick-Shot, run away a bit to increase the distance and DPS then!

* sometimes Rain-of-Thorns fails, cause the enemy resisted. Then you can try to slow the targets movement speed (Quick-Shot) and use heartseeker after that. But normally its better to switch directly to Point 3) Swift-Bow! The induction-time of Heartseeker is very long.

* when enemy falls under 50% of its health, you can (and should) use merciful shot directly!
This is only a suggestion. The fight belongs to your equipped traits, too. When you have focused on Rain-of-Arrows e.g., then use this skill more often of course.
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Sparing Tips - Hunter vs other Class
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