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 Lack of Play Time for a while

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Lack of Play Time for a while Empty
PostSubject: Lack of Play Time for a while   Lack of Play Time for a while Icon_minitimeThu Jun 12, 2008 11:22 pm

Tis a shame, but alas, i will not be on half as much as more than half of you would like me to be half of the time.

Tis the season to be playing METAL GEAR SOLID 4 - GAME OF THE CENTURY i'm afraid. I will be playing it to its full extent and trying to unlock every possible item as i have with all previous MGS games...... that's how i roll.

I will be on many evenings and still as much as i can, or when i get stuck on MGS4 for a while and have a tantrum, and need to cool down on here.

Just thought i'd let ye all no i may not be able to offer any services as much as i have been for at least a couple of weeks.

Thanks, Ocelot Wink
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Lack of Play Time for a while
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