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 Tanks in Groups, Basics

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PostSubject: Tanks in Groups, Basics   Tanks in Groups, Basics Icon_minitimeThu Jun 12, 2008 3:24 pm


This is from my personal experience which includes a few pugs, but mainly kinships groups using ventrilo to communicate.

1. Guardian should be the puller. The one exception early in the game is the great barrows where ranged pulls can avoid some adds. I would suggest having a champor captain do any ranged pull you need there, they have a taunting shout that works great for pulling. Don't expect to get the mob off him instantly but he can at least mitigate the damage a lot better than some of the squishies. Later in the game you will encounter mobs that prefer ranged over melee. For those mobs I suggest you have someone else pull while you run up to the mob and hit him with your shield. Tell the puller to just do a ranged auto attack until you get aggro. There will be situations where other's will be ideal for pulling, but they are fairly rare. If you come across one of these situations let the other guy have fun pulling and just be ready to pick up the mobs quickly.

2. Ideal pull: You get aggro and hold the mobs in one place. Once you feel good, let the others know to start dps. If a peel happens you need to designate anotherperson to get the peel and bring it back (Off-Tank). The reason for this is that the aoe dps types are better served by you being stationary and thus keeping the mobs stationary. I like to have a champ collect peels with their taunt as that will quickly bring the mob back w/o him having to chase it. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. I can't emphasize this enough. A good champ can effectively tank 1-2 mobs very well... so let him do that if he wants too. Generally speaking he will be busy interrupting mobs with special induction skills, or he will have his aoe spam skills going off so tanking is not what he will focus on typically.

3. Positioning is important. I look over the camp and count how many ranged mobs are present. If there is only 1 I will run to it and fight right there so that I can keep that aggro. If an LM is in the group sometimes we have the LM just mez the ranged mob. If there are 2 ranged mobs that are separated I'll try to do some form of ranged pull so I can clump this. this works best in an enclosed space with convenient corners. Once I get the mobs clumped I stand on one side with the group on the other. That is a good idea so that the rest of the group doesnt get hit by AOEs; there are times when you can get away with moving but as a general rule try to keep movement to a minimum. People have facing issues in this game and aoe attacks aren't instant so it can be possible to pull a mobout of the AOE before it goes off.

You can only block or parry attacks in front of you. So beyond the fact that you want to position your opponents so your Sweeping Cuts and (traited) Vexing Blow hit all three of them, you want to keep all your avoidance and reactive skills working. This may be as easy as taking a step back once they engage you or breaking line of sight so they all charge up and clump around a corner.You can not parry from a distance. While you can block (if facing the opponent) or evade a ranged attack, you can't parry it. This means that not only do those range specialist dish out their maximum damge from a distance, they also bypass about 15-25% of your damage avoidance.

4. Bad things happen. If I know a pull will be rough or the initial damage may be too heavy for the healer to keep up with, I body pull to set aggro and pop my +50% buff. I make sure the healer knows I'm doing that so they aren't surprised. The advantage to doing this is that I know the healer can save power for later. I know that the initial 20s of combat is the hardest on me and by popping the buff early I avoid a lot of that dmg. The key thing is if you do this you must be fast at getting the aggro and getting the dps to kill at least 1 of the mobs hitting you. This gets even better once you have strong lungs and can begin depending upon deep breath for more fights.

5. Knockbacks. Some mobs in this game will knock you back. Keep your back to a nearby wall if you want to stay close to the mob. This means you need to perform the pull, get aggro, and then get your back to a wall or something else so you want get knocked so far from the mobs you are tanking.

6. Trolls that chuck rocks have a nasty habit of running from you. If you have a 2 pull situation try to get some crowd control on the rock chucker while you deal with 1 troll at a time. A LM can help here.

7. Minstrels should never pull. Avoid having a minstrel pull in tough encounters. Its one thing when doing light questing, but its a whole different thing when dealing with the tougher elites in this game. The problem is that if they get aggro they can die quickly while accumulating aggro that is hard to overcome.
NOTE: If you are not raiding ask the minstrel to stand with the melee group while you have the mob facing away. AOE mobs will be the exception. Why do this? Well the minstrel can get attacks in when not healing this way, and can join CJ's w/o moving. Also if a mob does go after the minstrel you are right there so should have no problem picking it up. Try it. Trust me this works very well in practically all non raid situations except the CD tentacle boss and some AOE troll encounters. Your minstrel will possibly be hesitant but explain to them that you will keep the mob facing away and they can get in some dps this way and don't have to run in for CJ's any longer.

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Tanks in Groups, Basics
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