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 Sparring Tips

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PostSubject: Sparring Tips   Sparring Tips Icon_minitimeWed Jun 11, 2008 1:39 pm

The general issue with minstrels sparring is that it is very difficult for a spar not to end in a draw.
My personal view on tactics has to be power consumption (i.e use Tale of Heroism). There are generally two approaches to winning
a) The first approach is to use up most of your opponents power by not using heavy power skills, keep
attacking him and lowering his/her morale, but avoid things like call of second age, and conserve your power (antheme of the free people).
Remeber a healer out of warspeech will easily use much less power whilst healing any lost morale over the healer attacking.
Use bolster courage, unless your getting interuptted too much (it depends how offensive your opponant is playing).
When their power is less then half, you can really go on the offensive, stun cry them (giving yourself enough time to
switch back to warspeech). If you're after a win, your biggest issue here is time (make sure you give youself enough time to bring down their
b) Go on the offensive and dps him. This only works if you can stay close to him and stop him from using his/her heals.
This requires your opponant to make the mistake of trying to use long induction heals (Bolster Courage) and you continually
interrupting it. Warspeech, Piercing cry,Chant of the oathbreakers, Call of OromŽ and Call to the second age.
While your main dps crys are on cool down, make sure you get a ballad of swiftness in, to continue interuptions.
Remember healing yourself during an offensive leads to your opponent healing themselves, so keep that down to a minimum.
This approach can be dangerous, and could lead to your opponent following tactic a).
You need to stay behind him at all times, worry him/her and continually attack him.
Remember to keep track on whether he/she's has used their triumphant sprit, elron's gift, strength of morale, so dont go all out
unless you know he can't instance heal himself.

Lastly, during a spar, the chances are you can only make these decisions based on how your opponent is playing,
Personally, i try and rattle them by initially going on the offensive, and seeing how they respond.
Remember also his tactics will be affected by the results of the other minstrel class fight occuring (if there are two fights
going on at the same time). Nobody wants to lose, but remember the more you go on the offensive, then greater the chance of losing Smile
The more power conservation, the greater the chance of a draw.

I'm at work at the mo, but will edit this with my traits later on...
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Sparring Tips
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