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 Main tank guide at Balrog

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PostSubject: Main tank guide at Balrog   Mon Jun 09, 2008 11:28 pm

As im always doing Balrog, i want to share my knowledge about it. It is also for ppl who come to Balrog at first time
This is pretty easy if you doing your job with cold head and nonshaking hands)
Ok lets start

0.This is your start position, just listen the Elf bla bla bla, and wait, nothing hard )

1-2. (skip this if you know what to do) Just running with your team. Your job as well as second tank, is keeping World-eaters. Some times will appear Summoned world-eaters, be sure that you aggro all of them with second tank. And u need always keep at least 1 unstunned World-eater with the Elf, do not let she starting cleaning waters.

3. You stand with your team on hope pod with elf, while other sub-teams doing levers. When they done, the Balrog become damageable (oh dont blame, im not a Satana to know all english words), agro him with your scream and bow.
Important moments: Sometimes the Balrog will take you on his platform, while water is not cleaned. Not panic just turn back and move to the nearest edge of platform to your main group, you must be faced to them. Stay still and wait, all will be ok (dont jump to water), he can kick your back to your group or you will stand at platform till it will be broken.

4. Go to Balrog and agro him, be sure that u tanking him as showen on picture, his left hand must be looking to your team. Just stay and be sure you ok with your health.
Important moments: Sometimes it will be hope wipe for you at this moment. If you have +3 hope from chain, just stay and doing your job, you will be ok. If u havnt, than request hope from your team, in most of time it will be not only your who will got hope wipe, just go to main group and get it.

5. When main team will be ready to move to Ever-seer you need to turn balrog, so the rule of “left-hand” still on (and always).

6. When all team moved toward Ever-seer and door closed after them, you have 2 way of tanking Balrog. (this time Elf will heal you , about 450 morale every 5 seconds or somethink like that, anyway no matter)
First (6) is keep him how it showen on picture.
Minus: You can die, if you will not sure with your armour and cold nerves to heal yourself, and using cd skills at time.
Minus: If you already have hope wipe, you cant do it.
Plus: if you will succes, it gives you Balrog agro till the end of game.
Plus: You can save your hope (small chance).
Second (6b) You leave Balrog and go to Elf on hope pod. Just stay still and wait.
Minus(minor): You will get hope wipe.
Minus(major): If you tank who like to go to make some tea, taking a shower, while all under control or simple sleepy person, you can lose you agro and it will be cost of whole group wipe.
Plus: you will be ok with your life.

7. Very very important moment. After main group killed Ever-seer, it will be hope wipe(not all the time, but often), and Elf stopped healing you. If you still keeping Balrog (6 picture) you need quicly pop up your hope , activate all of your cd skills and wait until main group coming to help you. If you on pod (6b) after Ever-seer death that keep eye on Elf, when she start talking immidiatly (its mean very very very fast, like insane mashine) pop up token, move toward Balrog, agro him, activate cd skills, use pots if need and wait main group and spammig spamming agroskills on Balrog.

8.Ok, your team just arived from nowhere (just pushed levers and killed one orc, some worms with 11men, pfff), while you worked alone like ape). When all setlled up, try to keep Balrog not far from main team and not near. If it need adjust his standing by running from him (to be sure your agro is strong). Wait and wait, doing commands of your leader, you job will be at 55k (Balrog jump). Be sure Elf doesnt take damage. It is very important to keep her with full health at end of battle.

9. Near 55k he start jumping, you will be noticed when he stopped with atacking and start waving by his wings. Just run north or south, you can mix it to be sure Balrog at normal distance from the main group.

10.At 12k use all your agroskills on Balrog and cd skills as well. Now your life is nothing for team, they stopped healing you (what a bastards, after you have done all your excellent job =).

11. Balrog down.

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PostSubject: Re: Main tank guide at Balrog   Mon Jun 09, 2008 11:59 pm

Well illustrated topic Devil, if people can't be bothered reading, they can follow the diagrams. Well done!
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PostSubject: Re: Main tank guide at Balrog   Thu Jun 12, 2008 11:03 am

Yeh, nice post Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Main tank guide at Balrog   Thu Jun 12, 2008 11:38 am

Great post, i especially like the dead everseer icon and the last picture of the hunter Smile
Very funny.
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PostSubject: Re: Main tank guide at Balrog   

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Main tank guide at Balrog
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