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 Looking to join a friendly kinship

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Looking to join a friendly kinship Empty
PostSubject: Looking to join a friendly kinship   Looking to join a friendly kinship Icon_minitimeWed Mar 19, 2008 3:43 am

Hey, I'm a 32-year old ex computer consultant now forestry student owning a dog who keeps howling at me since I never take her out of the apartment and she is one of them sled dogs that likes to run all day long (breed is alaskan malamute). I like coming up with word games and solving puzzles, like figuring out how to survive around hundreds of world-eaters and balrogs when all turbine gave me for protection was a cloth robe. I play a lore-master since it is the slowest class in the game and I like to stand around looking at things before actually doing anything (still have trouble keeping up most of the time). My lore-master is an elf (but not one of those santa ones) because it is an über race and I need a head start. I want to join a kinship who is friendly and has enough patience to endure my stupid jokes and slow movements.

Wait... I'm already in a friendly kinship... Oops, they made me leader. Doh. Uhm, can a moderator please delete this post to save me the embarassment of anyone finding out I forgot again? No? Lazy gits. Oh well, I'll just make sure no one links to this forum from our forum then, or ever finds out you guys exist. Admin priviliges FTW. Cool

PS. I'm single, so any ladies out there please hit on me as often as you can so I get the feeling I'm not missing out on life while spending all my weekends in a game. I don't care if you're old an ugly, as long as your voice sounds sexy on ventrilo.
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Looking to join a friendly kinship Empty
PostSubject: Re: Looking to join a friendly kinship   Looking to join a friendly kinship Icon_minitimeThu Mar 20, 2008 11:16 pm

rofl welcome to our forum gary Very Happy
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Looking to join a friendly kinship
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